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25 x 36 inch promotional poster for the documentary, featuring Clyde Butcher's 2003 photograph, St. Joe Bay #3, the signature piece for this campaign - a calming scene of the marshes, trees, water and clouds of St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve.

Cost $35.00 each - plus $5.00 Shipping & Handling

One-hour DVD nature film documentary, "Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida,” highlighting 12 of the 41 aquatic preserves,
introduction and closing remarks by photographer Clyde Butcher, produced and directed by cinematographer Elam Stoltzfus.
NTSC - DVD format.

Cost $20.00 each - plus $5.00 Shipping & Handling

CD of Sammy Tedder’s soothing music, weaving natural sounds of the aquatic preserves with flutes, drums and other instruments. Excerpts from this collection of Tedder's original music were composed specifically for this campaign and are part of the soundtrack of the documentary “Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida.”

Cost $15.00 each - plus $5.00 Shipping & Handling