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90.7FM April 18, 2004
Radio interview by Clyde Butcher & Elam Stoltzfus mp3 audio format
The DVD and VHS copies of the "Living Waters" documentary are available now.
36x25 inch posters of Living Waters are available.

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"Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida" film documentary can be seen as part of the "Living Waters" museum exhibit of Clyde Butcher's large format photographs featuring the preserves that is traveling around the state of Florida:

Exhibit will be shown at Florida Keys Eco- Discovery Center Key West, Florida
and Sancturary Friends Foundition of the Florida Keys along with a presentation by Clyde Butcher and Elam Stoltzfus, April 4th. Contact info:
www.sanctuaryfriends.org/events.cfm or call Diana at 305-289-2288

The exhibit is available for any local museum or facility that can display the collection of Clyde Butcher's images. For more information contact. Earl Pearson 850-245-2104

    2004 "Best of the Fest" Tampa Film Festival
    FMPTA Crystal Reel 2005 "Best Cinematography"
    "The Henry" 2005 Outstanding Tourism Marketing Resource
    "Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida" film documentary garnered a national Telly Award, a regional Louis Wolfson II Film & Video Award, The Education Channel (Best of the Fest) winning film documentary in the 2004 Independents’ Film Festival, Tampa, the 2005 Crystal Reel Award by Florida Motion Pictures and Television Association for "Best Cinematography", and "The Henry" 2005 Flager Award for Outstanding Tourism Marketing Resource/Promotional/Material.
    Western Montana's Weekly Journal of People, Politics and Culture
    Wild at heart - by Andy Smetanka.
    A select guide to the International Cultural Film Festival "Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida".
    Who knew there was so much Florida still unsullied by strip malls and condos, thanks in large part to 40-odd natural preserves encompassing mangrove swamps, estuaries, wetlands, lagoons and freshwater limestone springs? Living Waters, hosted by large-format photographer Clyde Butcher and filmed by Elam Stoltzfus, exerts a hypnotic effect with its marvelous cinematography: shot after shot of swamps at sunset, hypersaturated foliage greens, sparkling waters and wooded islands. Host Butcher essentially takes viewers around the horn from the panhandle to the Atlantic coast, skipping the tatty beachfront developments and paying visits instead to small towns with active community groups dedicated to protecting their treasures through wise stewardship and the development of eco-friendly tourism. The most encouraging thing to come out of “America’s wang” in a long time.
    Florida’s aquatic preserves hold unparalleled natural beauty and diversity. -- Florida Governor Jeb Bush

    Florida’s aquatic preserves provide a window to our past and a glimpse into our future. These watery Edens are home to bird rookies and fish nurseries ...freshwater springs and salt marshes...seagrass meadows and mangrove forests.

    “Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida" highlights the environmental and economic significance of Florida’s diverse water wonderlands,” said Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Colleen M. Castille. “This film promotes stewardship for the State's 41 'liquid parks,’ increasing awareness and understanding for protecting Florida’s preserves, their waters and important wildlife.”

    Journey through a dozen Florida preserves, as this 56:00 minute documentary "Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida" showcases these natural wonders and features personal accounts from those who live, work and enjoy the preserves daily.

    The viewer is challenged by the very scenes of the wild that are so seductive on screen, engaged while entranced, enticed into a conspiracy. Of responsibility, stewardship, which only blossoms like a seed in soil as scenes of indescribable delicacy and elegance are replayed again and again in the recesses of the gray matter. It is a film of sublime imagery, and powerful majesty. -- Tim Croft, The Star, Port St. Joe

    This natural heritage is entrusted to us to explore, experience and protect -- for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

    Even the most jaded CEO of an asphalt company who wants to pave Florida from coast to coast would have to admit that the documentary "Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida" is dripping with gorgeous footage. It's eco-tourism at its most luscious and wild as well as a non-preachy reminder of the fragility of these undeveloped Edens. Clyde Butcher's massive, black-and-white photos of the preserves are dramatically juxtaposed with brilliant color shots of the same swamps and coastlines. Tallahassee composer and saxophonist Sammy Tedder provides the ethereal background music throughout the watery journey.
    -- Mark Hinson, Tallahassee Democrat Senior Writer

    The 158 festival entries we received at The Independents’ Film Festival came from as far away as South Africa and as close as South Tampa. One hundred of the entries were from Florida filmmakers, students or schools. The field of entries was narrowed by a panel of experts through a time-intensive process accessing the entries according to strict guidelines of technical quality, creative and artistic merit. The winner in the Independent Documentary category was Elam Stoltzfus for "Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida". One of the judges summed it up: “What a gorgeous piece. It has it all – beautiful cinematography and black & white photography, superbly edited, original soundtrack, great script and interviews, excellent voice talent; it's all there... It was flawless."
    -- Lucy Griggs, Program Director, Tampa Educational Cable Consortium